´do furniture´ is a parametric furniture system based on intersections or ‘nodal points’ made from standard steel tubes laser-cut to shape. The form of the furniture is not fixed but rather defined by a set of rules. Within these rules specific parameters can be adjusted to produce the final geometry of a piece. Entirely bespoke forms can therefore be created according to customer’s individual preference.
The system is based on intersecting of steel tubes and the exact profiles of these nodal points are calculated for precision fabrication by a 3D lasercutter. Akin to a jigsaw, these complex steel tube geometries are then assembled and welded together. The form-giving element at the heart of the design is thus the nodal point, which allows infinite variety in the form of the final piece.
The intention is to embed the application into a website allowing customers to modify parameters themselves, either intuitively or by numerical input. A preview facility means customers can build and transform their furniture in real time. Once materials and colour have been chosen, the website will generate price and delivery details. Customer-generated designs can be saved to the website and retrieved at a later date and subsequent users can either purchase existing designs or use them to develop their own unique piece.
Animation here.